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Web analytics to increase your ROI

Do you get visitors on your website regularly? Do you know what the visitors are doing when they come to your site? Which is the most popular part of your website? Web analytics is here to answer all your queries. Web analytics is a tool that collects and studies the behavior of online users, giving interesting reports and measuring different aspects of web traffic.

What does Web Analytics do for your website?

Analyses the entire web traffic

Web analytics monitor the entire website traffic to your website. The process tracks the time spent on your website by each visitor and the path used by the visitors. The entire activities of the visitors on your website are monitored.

View both on and offsite activity

With web analytics, you will be able to view the top entry pages, number of visits, downloads made on popular pages etc. You also get information on the third party websites providing referral traffic and the search engines and search terms that are providing you visitors.

Makes your ROI grow

Web analytics improves your ROI by carrying out behavioral analysis of your visitors. By distinguishing the regularly visited pages, web analytics drives in more traffic. Also, the referrals and affiliates help in driving the traffic to your website.

Visitor information

Information of the visitors can be traced through web analytics. Here, you can know about the new visitors on the website, the country or region and much more.

Some of the most popular web analytics tools are:

  • Google Analytics
  • Click Tracks
  • Web Trends
  • Omniture`s Site Catalyst

For further assistance on analyzing your website performance, please contact the experts at Digital Marketers.