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Top 8 SEO Myths Exposed

Search Engine Optimization has transpired to be one of the leading online brand building tools. However, there are various misconceptions surrounding it. Hence, before believing anything about SEO, check it for yourself.

Submit website link every week?

Submitting your website links regularly to search engines is one of the common myths held so far. However, the truth is that the submission of a link can help once, but not each and every time. Hence, the best option is to submit your site link once.

SEO is very expensive?

No, not at all. SEO is one of the most cost effective marketing tools available. The cost of setting up an SEO campaign is quite cheaper compared to any other marketing tools.

Does SEO stand a chance before PPC?

Comparing SEO with PPC will not be fair. While PPC brings in immediate results, SEO wins hands down in the longer run. Most Internet users trust the organic search results over sponsored links.

Optimize the Homepage only?

Wrong. Optimizing your Homepage alone will not work. You need to optimize all the pages of your website to get optimum results.

Hiring in-house SEO personnel is cheaper?

No. In-house SEO personnel are paid hourly. SEO service providers charge by project. You pay once or in installments and they will take care of your website.

Content is insignificant?

No. Content is the king. Good content with appropriate keyword density will bring in greater results.

Service providers can guarantee high search engine rankings?

Wrong. The reality is no one can guarantee a high search engine ranking for your website as it depends on innumerable variables. It is impossible to promise immediate results and those who promise it are lying.

Websites must be updated regularly?

Yes. Regular updation of your website content is vital for achieving high search engine rankings. Search engine crawlers give priority to regularly updated websites

Donít go by the myths. Contact some SEO experts before running a campaign. You can contact the experts at Digital Marketers for more information.