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SMS Campaigns

Digital Marketers' SMS Campaigns defines your offer, say it the way you want and send it when it is supposed to, with the right target in mind for your product/service. SMS campaigns enable cost effective personal communication and ensures direct revenue.

With cellphones buzzing all across the world, mobile marketing is the biggest boom in the advertising industry which translates into 'SMS Campaigns'. Market analysts pledge by SMS Campaigns as the most effective personalized communication tool in the recent times.

'Saying the most with the least' defines SMS Campaigns.

Digital Marketers assesses the brand relevance, location, time and its value before an SMS Campaign is custom-crafted for your product/service. This makes Digital Marketers unique and successful in building brands, promoting products/services, introducing launches and maintaining image.


  • Short waiting period with immediate leads
  • Best personal mode of communication
  • Builds one-to-one relationship with prospect
  • Easy data compilation with immediate capture
  • Direct effect on ROI and uplifts brand visibility