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Landing Page Creation

Landing Page is a page on any website to which we direct the traffic in order to prompt a certain action or submission. It is the page to which the user jumps in and initiates an action without going to the homepage. It plays crucial role in the optimization of paid search campaigns.

The process of creating landing page not only involves designing flashy page, scattering the necessary information or a good ad copy.

Digital Marketers' expertise is in understanding the psychology of the visitor to place strategic designs, content and other relevant information to drag the user to submit his/her requirements with respect to the service you are offering. The golf ball need to reach the hole once inside the green golf course.

Before we implement a brand new design, we evaluate it from visitor's perspective. Landing page will only be finalized after thorough analysis of what works and what don't work.

Experts at Digital Marketers ensure great usability and high ROI. Do you need anything more? If yes, contact us to know how we can help you with this!

Sometimes, you may doubt about the need for a landing page instead of dragging the visitors to the home page. If you take the visitors to the homepage from a Paid Search ad, it might be difficult for them to find your offer and can give up. Also, they may see something more interesting and move to that.

The PPC process at Digital Marketers comprises of landing page creation and it involves few steps:

  • Market research and analysis
  • Creative copy writing
  • Copy and design integration
  • Initial page deployment for testing
  • A/B and multivariate testing

Digital Marketers' PPC Management efforts contribute more than 200% increase in conversion rates for our clients. Contact us today to get started.