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Customer Surveys

Customer surveys enables understanding customer satisfaction to a certain extent. Unhappy customers are profits that are lost and hence surveys play a vital role in improving businesses.

It is important to know the customer/client experience from their own on perspective rather than drawing assumptions. It wonít be ideal to putting ourselves in customerís shoe in all cases, as we need to give them a chance to give effective feedback for improving our offerings.

Digital Marketers helps you to identify the shortcomings of your products or services by obtaining feedback from your customers who uses your products or services. This is done through interactive surveys that are innovative and created keeping all the aspects of your product or service offerings.

We conduct the surveys using different media and some of the popular survey methods include:

  • One-on-one interviews
  • Tele interviews
  • Email surveys
  • Online interactive surveys
  • Purchase point surveys

Digital Marketers is not only specialized in creating or conducting the surveys, but also in reporting it as effectively and efficiently as possible. The process of surveying by Digital Marketers includes:

  • Identifying the criteria to be surveyed
  • The target audience
  • Creating necessary survey questions
  • Benchmarking the questions with industry standards
  • Decide on the length of the survey
  • Conducting the survey
  • Creating a reporting format
  • Reporting the findings as effectively as possible

In order to understand the findings drawn from the surveys, you might wish to know what Digital Marketers will measure in its survey solutions. These can be listed as below:

  • Overall satisfaction
  • Prompt delivery
  • Client-customer relationship
  • Satisfaction with customer service
  • Process satisfaction
  • Interest in new products and services

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